How To Train Trip To Montreal This Summer On a Budget

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It is time to book a train trip for summer! Summer is the time for vacations, and more people travel by train. The main rule to follow when booking a train trip is to book it as soon as possible. Montreal has many activities to do in the summer, and therefore there will be lots of tourists. Make sure you do your research and read our tips below so you’ll have a fantastic time without spending too much money!

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Step 1: Do your research to determine which days offer the best rates and book your tickets accordingly. Check out [] for your deals on train tickets from your city. Remember that booking at least two months in advance will ensure the lowest prices.

Step 2: -Consider early morning or late evening departure time. Travelling during daylight hours may be more comfortable, but they are typically more expensive and crowded than early morning or late evening departures.

Step 3: Pack a lunch. Most trains offer dining cars, but they tend to be expensive and have limited options for those who have dietary restrictions. Be sure to pack snacks and drinks to stay hydrated and energized for all of the activities you’ll be enjoying once you reach your destination.

Step 4: Book a hotel near the train station so that you can walk to it without having to pay for ride-sharing apps.

Step 5: Create a realistic itinerary. Map out things you want to do and activities you want to participate in when you get to Montreal. It would allow you to plan according to your budget while still having fun.

Step 6: Pack everything you’ll need before hopping on the train — don’t worry about checking luggage or waiting around at the airport! You don’t want to miss out on any of Montreal’s amazing sights because you had to wait around at baggage claim. Plus, no checked bags means no baggage fees. Just stick with a carry-on and enjoy your trip!

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Here is an accessible itinerary for when you decide to take that trip to Montreal

Toronto to Montreal Solo Trip.pdf



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